About Us

About Us!

360 Web Smart came about as Dealer Elements was going around Houston, TX doing it’s business as usual helping different clients.

Dealer Elements was formed on December 12th, 2012 and officially registered January 2013. With founders having worked in the Automotive Industry and having rich customers and web experience, the default choice was to work with Automotive Dealerships. Dealer Elements worked for 3 years in the market working with Automobile Dealerships helping with email marketing, web banners, website analysis. Simultaneously we noticed that there were plenty of small businesses that were being ignored because they could not afford to pay as much money as big companies to stay ahead of the curve on the web. So we moved into this larger market and started helping multiple small businesses by analyzing their websites, upgrading their websites, connecting them with google and making sure they are easily found by their customers and many cases creating brand new websites.

Dealer Elements also helps small businesses with their social media by establishing proper account criteria and helping owners understand how to improve their businesses by integrating social services and how to manage their accounts.

Lately,  Dealer Elements added a new service, Google 360 Virtual Tours for our customers to show case their businesses and welcome the 21st century customers to their businesses. New website was created solely for this branch for Google called Virtual 360 Business Tours

This website serves as a unifying platform for different branches of the business, connecting our clients to services they need.